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Realy underrated metalcore band from Germany.
They started in 1998 and unfortunately splitted up just 4 years later in 2002.
During this time they released 2 Lp's, a split Lp with Nyari and a split Ep with Shaft.
Later the band members formed a project called J'N and released an Lp and a split, then changed to Jane. again and started a reunion, but no new material resulted from this (i think).
For further information check their myspace ;-)

Jane - Prophecy (Song From The Seed Of The Next Season Sampler - 1999)

Finally managed to hunt down the "lost" Jane. recordings they did after their re-union in 2006.
J'N broke up and Jane re-united. They recorded for a new EP and even posted one or two songs
on their myspace page and then again disappeared into oblivion. After some negotiation,
I finally managed to get these recordings from their guitarist, but unfortunately none of them
remembered the song names or anything about it anymore - but hey, at least you can listen to it now,
so, first the first time in history, here is the unreleased Jane EP:

Jane - The Dark Side Of Heaven (2006)

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  1. Nyari & Jane Split link fixed... and please, if you notice a dead link, dont just go ahead - tell me!

  2. Please, re-up unreleased EP. ThanXXX

    1. Zippyshare keeps putting things down after a while... it's back up now!

    2. Great, thanx a lot!

  3. Could you re-up the unreleased EP again please? Thanks so much!

    1. and maybe also the split with Nyari? that would be great!

  4. Where's the 2004 "For The Hearts" release? I know they were called J'N, but I don't see it anywhere, also doubt I could ship it from Germany rn lol

  5. NVM I SAW IT, I'm on mobile so it didn't show under the same name lol

  6. Thanks you so much, I remember 'A doorway to elsewehere' being my biggest jam of 1999/2000, such creative brutality. Totally enjoyed it being sung mostly in german. They don't make 'em like this anymore :(