Montag, 11. Dezember 2017

Top 10 Releases of 2017

Top 10, in no particular order (as I kept switching them each day):
A precautionary sorry for featuring so many of my own releases,
but I guess that just proofes that I really like them myself and that I try to support
and if possible release my own favorite bands whenever I get the opportunity!

First Fight Down - Revelation: Extinction EP
Bound By Modern Age (12")/ Rage (12")/ Mark My Words (CD)/ Diorama (MC)
 The return of the true 90's Metalcore sound in '17. Emotional high-pitched screams,
combined with relentlessly thrashing riffs and blasts, occasionally breaken up by a melodic
clean singing and an expressive melody - no re-invention of the wheel or something,
but a perfect continuation of bands like From The Dying Sky or Morning Again...
I would've loved to see them on tour with Repentance, which was my number one band/album
of last year, but unfortunately, due to their (Repentance's) break up, that won't happen anymore...
To my ear, even though (unfortunately) not lyrically, they sound pretty much alike in some parts!
However, they (FFD) also share members with Witness The Fall, which was my number one band/album of '15 - so we might be able to catch these two together sometime!
Interesting Side-Fact: FFD was founded in '97 but kind of went on hiatus in early - mid 2000,
with members continuing/wandering off into other bands like Witness The Fall, Drain-Life,
The Darkest Red, etc. Just to get back together in '15 and picking things up exactly where they
left them. This new EP was released on 12" vinyl with some old stuff on the B-Side.

Drawing Last Breath - Final Sacrifice LP
Carry The Weight (12")/ Retribution (CD)
The METAL side of 90's 'core. Hailing from Florida, with Members of Blistered,
these guys are here to bring back the divebombs and chugs into the metal scene!
...or the high solo guitars and heavy headbangs into the hardcore scene?
Imagine Undying meets Prayer For Cleansing on Miami Beach...
Harmonising melodies and thrashing tremolo picking. Thrilling "dance parts"
and destructive blastbeats. Everything goes hand in hand on this record.
This debut LP, following an overwhelming Demo EP, is now available on 12" vinyl.

Realm Of Torment - In Fragile Hands EP
Bound By Modern Age (MC)/ Rage (MC)/ Mark My Words (CD)
Simply continuing where the LP, which I also had the honor of releasing last year,
left off, this new EP delivers just as much killer 00's metalcore hymns a la Killswitch Engage,
suddenly breaken up by breakdowns hitting harder than a sledgehammer in the face
and also beautiful melodies and compositions a la Poison The Well.
The vocals on this EP range from high pitched screeching to a guttural growling,
with the refreshing addition of female singing. This EP tries to explore some new ways
and to my understanding, it works! Really leaves me hooked for more!

To Ashes - The Refusal To Accept EP
Bound By Modern Age (7")/ Animals Kingdom (7")
The (unfortunate) last output of an by the time already defunct band...
Virtually the dying breath of the Italian vegan straight edge scene - but only to be reborn again!
Harsh and militant metallic hardcore that involuntarily lets you think of bands like
Purification or Reprisal, while also throwing in some Slayer here and there.
A perfect example of what hardcore music, played by metalheads can sound like!
And as if the completely overwhelming music wasnt enough, this EP also comes with
lyrics which, at least for me, totally speak from the heart. Now available on a small,
exclusive run of 7"s, of which all profits are donated to animal liberation cause.

Bring Our Demise - Atrocities Against The Environment And Life EP
Bound By Modern Age (MC)/ HEAL (MC)
Uncontested demo of the year. Only minus point: too short.
90's metalcore meets emocore with militant as fuck vegan straight edge lyrics
...a crymosh for the animals! By (ex-)members of The Cambodian Heat and xEradicatex.
Flawless tremolo picking combined with a high pitched screaming a la Prayer For Cleansing.
Bonus coolness: everything they do is 100% non-profit/gets donated to animal liberation causes.
FFO: Undying, Unearth & Nightingales / Caring, Liberation & Walter Bond.

Servitude - Path To Amnesty EP
Bound By Modern Age (7")/ Rage (7")/ Life Lair Regret (MC)
Another killer vegan straight edge metallic hardcore release from the UK.
Paying just as much tribute to the old edgemetal and H8000 scene as to the more recent
metalcore outfits like Canaan or even Repentance - are they to carry the torch? Time will tell
and this first demo release, which already sounds superb, definitely lets us hope for more.
Probably one of the hardest demo's I've heard in a while - hugs and chugs, the liberation mosh.

Pillorian - Obsidian Arc LP
Eisenwald (12"/MC) / Dämmerung (CD)
A new melodic black metal project, risen from the ashes of Agalloch.
Darker and heavier, more raw in my opinion, but still unique and distinctively John Haughm.
Typical blast songs with high pitched screaming, which remind of Darkthrone
or even Immortal, giving turns with quieter melodies and even the occasional use of
sung/clean vocals, which on the other hand totally remind of Agalloch or Fen.
FFO: "good" black metal that doesn't sound like it's been recorded in a tin.
Deconsecrate - Resentment EP
Soaked In Torment (7")/ Kick Out The Jams (CD)
H8000 death metal, alive and kickin'! Following a great LP, which managed
to flawlessly combine the best of hardcore and death metal, an EP which
to my understanding goes even harder and draws more influences from the dark,
or even black metal scene. Two guitars, two singers (shouters) and a drummer
who can also count for two people though... imagine Path Of Resistance, being fronted by
the guys from Deformity and Legion. Hard as fuck. Give horns in the mosh-pit!

Ancst - Furnace EP & Split EP w/ King Apathy
Vendetta (12")/ Yehonala (MC)/ Alerta Antifascista (12")/ Supreme Chaos (12")
 Probably my all-time favorite crust-punk/blackened hardcore/post-black metal band.
First delivering a heavy hitting 12" EP themselves, which shows the further development
of the band itself - now, for the first time, with an actual drummer, but not any less fast
and on point. Also the song structure, to my understanding, is on this one even more "clean"
and technical to my understanding. Less noisy and more easy to get into I guess...
does that even make sense? Even reminds me of Heaven Shall Burn in some parts!
However, I really like it; just as the Split EP with the awesome King Apathy
(ex-Thränenkind) which features one new song of each band & a cover song from the other.
King Apathy deliver it with their own mixture of vegan straight edge metalcore
and blackened hardcore/crust metal. Both 100% recommendable.
Wake Of Humanity - Grotesque Lie EP
Catalyst (7")
Not only marks this the birth of a new vegan straight edge metallic hardcore band,
but as well the rebirth of the vegan straight edge label catalyst records.
So, what else can you ask for and how could I even not like it?
Despite these obvious facts, this EP is really good itself as well.
Typical 90's worship with a touch of modern hardcore. Reminds me of something like
Earth Crisis, meets Trial, meets Birthright - with partly personal and emotional lyrics.

Top 10 additional awesome releases which you should definitely check out as well:
Yeah, because 10 definitely isn't enough - I have no idea who it was that started with 10...

Devour - Defiant Until The End LP
Mark My Words (CD)/ Ugly & Proud (12")/ Kick Out The Jams (MC)
Metallic sxe hardcore from Belgium (ex-Blade). FFO: Culture, Kindred, etc.

Falls Of Rauros - Vigilance Perennial LP
Nordvis (12")/ Bindrune (12")
Melodic pagan black metal by members of Falls Of Rauros. FFO: Fen, Winterfylleth, etc.

Vatican - Ache Of Eternity EP
Sorrow Carrier (12")
Nerdy 90's melo-metalcore a.k.a. crymosh. FFO: Prayer For Cleansing, Poison The Well, etc.
Eden Is Gone - Vengeance From This Dying World EP 
Bound By Modern Age (MC)/ Mark My Words (CD)
90's edgemetal. In your face. FFO: Arkangel, Reprisal, etc.

Nihility - Imprisoned Eternal LP
Bound By Modern Age (12")/ Rage (12")
Oldschool death metal meets the 'core. FFO: Obituary, Deicide, etc.

Primal Age - A Silent Wound EP
Bound By Modern Age (7")/ Deadlight Entertainment (CD)/ Diorama (MC)
OG vegan straight edge 90's metal(core) from France. FFO: Heaven Shall Burn, Absone, etc.
No End In Sight / Seek Nothing - Split EP
Bound By Modern Age (7")
Vegan metalcore/thrash metal meets metallic oldschool hardcore. FFO: At The Gates, HxC, etc.

Heartfelt - Strange New World LP
Bound By Modern Age (MC)/ Mark My Words (CD)
Metallic oldschool hardcore from Belgium. FFO: Kindred, Morning Again, etc.
Woe - Hope Attrition LP
Vendetta (12"/MC)
Raw red/green (post-)black metal. FFO: Panopticon, Ancst, etc.

Unrestrained - Inside My Head, Black Meets Red EP
Indecision (7")
Vegan straight edge oldschool hardcore/metalcore. FFO: Morning Again, Earth Crisis, etc.

Top Releases of my own bands, which I was too afraid to include into the actual Top 10
although I really dig them myself and I think you should definitely check them out as well:

Through Chaos & Solitude - The Thawing Winds Of The Morning Sun EP
Bound By Modern Age (MC)/ Mark My Words (CD)
Melodic/symphonic (green) black metal. FFO: Woods Of Ypres, Falls Of Rauros, etc.

Forward To Eden - When Blood Covers Morality EP
Bound By Modern Age (7")
Vegan straight edge 90's metalcore meets oldschool death metal. FFO: Statement, Culture, etc.
The Rule - Justice Will Be Served & It's My Life EP
Bound By Modern Age (MC)/ Right Choice (MC)
Vegan straight edge oi metal hardcore punk. FFO: Battle Ruins, Vegan Reich, etc.
Statement - Decide EP
Bound By Modern Age (7")/ Bloodless (7")
OG hardline (xvx) oldschool death metal. FFO: Deicide, Vegan Jihad, etc.

Carnivore Crusher - Reborn From Hatred EP
Bound By Modern Age (MC)/ Bloodless (MC)
Vegan straight edge oldschool death metal. FFO: Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, etc.

Sonntag, 20. August 2017

Never Again (Pre-Caliban) - Demo Tape (1997)

The first actual blogspot post (in terms of dl some obscure 90's shit) in years I guess, but:
After years of searching I finally got my hands on this here - my holy grail
in form of a 90's metalcore music release (even in physical form)

For those who don't know me: Caliban is THE band that got me into listening to heavier music
at the age of 12/13, it was my first metal concert and still remains one of my all-time favorite bands.
After I heard of this record for the first time, I kind of turned the whole internet upside down
in the search for this record - unfortunately I never found it.
I wrote the bandmembers directly and all the old people that have been around back then
(unfortunately I was only 6 yo in '97) but none of them seemed to have a copy of that tape
and never seemed anyone to have digitalized it...
However, now I finally got my hands on a copy (through the Preserving Silence Distro - I highly recommend checking it out in case you're looking for some old obscure stuff) and did it myself :-)

So, I was still curious what the band members remember from that time and if they could
perhaps give us some more intel... see for yourself (short-interview with Marc Görtz):

1997 - been a while - anything particular you remember from that time, you wanna tell us about?

Good question, but we had the band for a bit already, just renamed it at this point... but besides that
I don't recall much from that particular time. We just started playing pretty many shows.

So, lets start with the details (as far as you can recall them): How many Tapes were made? Was it properly released, like with a release-show and stuff? Are these the only "Never Again" songs?
How many shows have you played under that name? Was there ever any Never Again merch?

Sorry I have no idea how many we made. I guess around 150-200. We just sold them on shows.
There was no release show or anything like that. Yea we had some more, but never released them.
At least not in those versions.

Was Never Again a "vegan straight edge band"? Why has it changed?

We were never a "Vegan Band" we had vegans and vegetarians. But didn't call ourselfs vegan band. As far as I remember our bass player at that time was not vegetarian ... but I'm not sure.

What was the main reason for the name-change (to caliban)
and what happened to the 2nd singer? What else has changed since "caliban"?

I never had any contact since to this second singer. So no idea.
What changed? We learned how to use our instruments better I would say hahaha 
I'm pretty sure our first shows sucked pretty much. But people enjoyed it anyways
because it was already pretty heavy :-P

So, yeah, I guess anything else just fell into obilivion...
but at least now you can finally listen the shit out of it!

For anything else Caliban related, check my old blogspot post on here. You're welcome.

Dienstag, 27. Juni 2017

BBMA Newbloods: Bring Our Demise

Melodic Vegan Straight Edge 90's Style Metalcore Band/Solo-Project from the USA (MI),
in the vein of bands like: Undying, Prayer For Cleansing, Unearth, etc. ...

They brought out two demos so far (in '16 & '17) which will both be available on one tape,
as BBMA40 really soon. All proceeds of this release will go towards Sasha Farm (animal sanctuary).

Who are you and what are you doing in the band?

My name is Nolan Arthur. Bring Our Demise is a solo project and I play all the instruments.

Are there any plans on bringing it on stage at some point? How will this look like?

I have plans to perform spoken word, touching base on topics of animal, human,
and earth liberation and perform my songs live. My live performances are similar to how
hip-hop artists perform their music. I backtrack the music and do vocals.

What is Bring Our Demise about? What's the drive behind it?

The purpose of Bring Our Demise is to shed light about the injustices that exist in our world
and ways to possibly combat them. The goal is to educate people about the suffering of animals, humans, and mother earth through music and spoken word. Another goal is to donate 100%
of profits from merchandise sales to people/organizations that are making a difference in our world.

What have you achieved so far and what are your goals for the future?

My achievements so far are small. I’ve raised a small amount of money through t-shirt sales
for animal rescues and sanctuaries. I hope once I hit the road and begin performing live,
I’ll be able to spread some knowledge and hopefully raise some more money.

What do you do besides BoD? Any other "band"/cool hobbies you wanna tell us about?

Outside of Bring Our Demise, I play in a band called The Cambodian Heat and have a new band
in the works with my friend Kylee. I also run a small cassette label called Coercion Cassettes
and started a non-profit record label called HEAL(Human|Earth|Animal Liberation) Records.
It’s a new endeavor of mine. 100% of profits will be donated to good causes. Outside of music,
I enjoy cooking. I’m vegan and I love pushing my cooking skills. I skateboard in my free time.
I also enjoy hanging out with my dog Lacee.

Thanks a lot - feel free to add some shoutouts!

I want to give a shout out to Tim BBMA for releasing my demo and donating the profits to my
local animal sanctuary Sasha Farm, my friend Kylee, my skate crew BK Boyz and my
local skateshop Revival, and anyone who practices and believes in total liberation.

Side note: I challenge all vegan straight edge bands/people to practice what they preach.
Educate people, raise money and donate it (there’s no money in music anyways.
What’s the point of holding on to what little profits you make?), organize with larger groups
of like-minded people (not just your music scene friends), and do what you believe is right
in your heart to push the idea of total liberation. Finally, if you see any form of injustice, act.
Don’t just stand there and let shitty things happen to people, animals, or our planet.

Pre-Order starts this weekend:
The 1st Press will be /50. This is to be able to donate something asap.
If they sell quick though, there will instantly be a 2nd Press + T-Shirts. Up to you.

Montag, 19. Juni 2017

BBMA Band Of The Week #16: Seek Nothing

 "Not so bad hardcore" since '14.
DIY metallic oldschool hardcore from Berlin. Their Members are a motley bunch from all around
the globe, with just as different roots though. FFO: Metal, Hardcore & everything inbetween.
I had the honour of releasing their S/T EP on Tape in mid '16 and also
their Split 7" w/ No End In Sight in early '17. I highly recommend both ;-)

Who are you, what are you doing in the band?

Hello, my name is Mike and I am the screamer/dancer.

How has the band evolved since the beginning?

We pride ourselves on not really getting better to be honest,
most bands that evolve just end up playing EDM and fighting online with their fans.
I would definitely say that we are better at what we do, live and in recording. Yes.
I think I mentioned this before but one of my favourite things about being in this band is
the learning curve. I now know more about writing, recording and distributing music
than I did three years ago. We’re still totally clueless but I like embracing the fact that
we (I) are a spectacular mess 98% of the time.

What have you accomplished so far and what are your goals for the future?

We have accomplished not killing each other
and our main goal is to not die before we record an actual album!

Any upcoming shows/releases/anything else you wanna tell us about?

Yes we are finally finishing our second EP at the moment, which will be four br00tal songs
about the usual pathetic subjects that piss me off. Mark My Words Records are going
to put out the CD this summer and then we would like to release it on 7” later this year.
We have been playing some of the songs for over a year now so it will be nice to finally
have them released. They are all basically the same as our other songs except that
when it’s heavy it is HEAVY and the melodic stuff is more, well… melodic? Yes.
I guess we should really write a full length record while we have some spare time coming up
until the Autumn. We are currently booking a tour in October with our pals in Bomb Out,
if any of us lives through that it will be a small miracle.

How do you feel about bbma as a label?
In what do we suck most/what could we do better in the future?

I have very strong feelings about BBMA in general! Tim is such a wicked dude
 and has treated us super well since we were first introduced by a mutual friend.
We’re not straight edge (but love tons of bands that are) so that’s extra nice that we were welcomed
to the label. It proves that there is still some inclusivity within the hardcore scene.
Being in a DIY band can be a struggle so having that support has really helped us.
Also, please reference Neon Genesis Evangelion more.

Thanks a lot! Feel free to add some shoutouts!

No thank YOU!
Shoutout to Piece, Earn Your Scars, Employed To Serve, Murder Mile, Head To Head & Kiss!

Ps: For this Week, all products Primal Age related are on Sale from the BBMA Webstore. 
19/Jun/2017 25/Jun/2017

Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017

BBMA Newbloods: When Ashes Are Rising

Oldschool metalcore from Italy... and the newest member to join the BBMA Family.
Their awesome debut LP entitled "Of Earth And Men", previously self-released on CD,
will soon also be available on a limited number of Tapes, as BBMA39.
FFO: Morning Again, At The Gates, Heaven Shall Burn, ...

Who are you and what are you doing in the band?

I’m the second (or first, doesn’t matter) guitarist in the band.
I also deal with the recording process of all our music. (Delio)

Is WAAR your first band-project? What about the other members?

No, I used to play in an Industrial Metal band before, called Cybercage.
 Luca, our bassist, used to play in Absence (XVX band from Turin) and As Humanity Fades.
Afshin was the voice of various bands such as L’Odio and OhxCristo.

What is WAAR about? Any kind of message you want to spread?

We believe in the total collapse of all the powers that make every human being a slave,
from the very moment you are born 'till you die. We believe in the destruction of all the systems
that enslave us through imposition and violence. We believe in the fall of everything the virus
called "man" has created, constantly raping Mother Earth. To burn everything down
and see something new rising from the ashes: this is WHEN ASHES ARE RISING.

What have you achieved so far and what are your goals for the future?

We are a relatively young band so we still have lots to achieve.
However, we were fortunate enough to share the stage with bands we admire, Strength Approach
and Traces of You among all. Our main goal right now is to play our music overseas.

So, when will you tour europe, that we can see you live?

Hopefully soon! :-)

I wanna thank you Tim for this interview and for supporting us!
The passion you put in what you do is contagious. You know it’s not just music,
but most of all, it’s a strong social and political message, and we agree with that!

Pre-Order at some point next week:

Sonntag, 28. Mai 2017

BBMA Gives: No Mas Fronteras

A new categorie: An Introduction to a good cause + all proceeds (rounded up)
of this weeks sale (from the BBMA Webstore) will be donated to it.
So, if you ever contemplated about either getting some BBMA stuff or not - now is the time!

No Mas Fronteras / No More Borders

Two oldschool vegan straight edge brothers (Diego & Roberto) who currently live in Berlin
and Barcelona, are trying to get their (veggie) Parents, which currently live in Uruguay,
near them again; with the help of the vegan straight edge hardcore community...
Read more about that in a short Interview down here:

Who are you and what is the Idea behind "No More Borders"?

Well, we are Diego and Roberto, 2 brothers from South America that came to Europe 13 years ago,
to try to forge a better future and help the family we have back in our country.
The idea behind this life project is to raise the necessary money to pay all the stuff we need
to have our parents living in europe near us.
 What have you acomplished so far and how has the campaign evolved since the beginning?

We started 2 years ago and now we have raised the money for the flight tickets,
so the next step is to cover the heavy bureaucracy/ and the lawyer to help us to have them
 legal when they come here. The campaign evolved slow, but firm as we like to say,
we are looking forward to see them here when we want and not when we can!
So now we need to sell the things we have such as prints (designed from tattoo artitsts.
friends of us) and tote bags to raise the money we need.

 What are your plans for the near future and how do you want to realize them?

The plans are simple, to have our parents near us, in the same country/city as a family
and take care of them , because they are getting older and when you are living 12.000 km far
from them its nothing that you can do. We continue walking forward with our campaign, and with
the help of good friends like you, because we are normal workers and we don't have enough money and resources to make it us, alone. That´s the main reason we started to run the campaign, cause coming from a country in the so called third world sometimes is more that you can imagine, if you been born and raised here it´s not easy to understand that low income/ poor people it´s not only in
the news as only fiction movie, it´s also true. If someone need or want some pictures of where my parents live i can send it, not because we live here means we have all the solutions, that´s the reason we need you that read tis interview, we need your support! we have many nice things to sell!


So, if you want to support them, you now have some different options:
Via their bigcartel store, which holds the mentioned prints and (from time to time)
a variety of merch, such as t-shirts & tote bags:

 Via their gofundme page (which also holds some more information and stuff):

Or now (from 29/May to 04/Jun) also from the Bound By Modern Age Records Webstore
(which obviously holds lots of cool xvx records and merch as well):

Thanks for your attention. Feel free to spread the word and give them a like/follow:

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BBMA Band Of The Week #15: Primal Age

Primal Age is OG Vegan Straight Edge 90’s Metalcore from France.
The band was founded in 1995 (released their first Album in '97), became Absone in 1999,
just to became Primal Age again in 2006 and remains active under that name until today.
...still vegan, still straight edge, still shredding that 90’s Metal(core) sound.
One of my first releases (3 years ago), was the (now sold out) compilation/best of tape
"My Legacy / Eternal Struggle - The Best Of 17 Years XVX 90's Metalcore" which held
some of their (to my mind) best tracks from the very begining to where they where then...
And now, in 2017 I just had the honor to work with them again and do the vinyl version
of their most recent EP "A Silent Wound" (which you can now - only for one week -
get on discount from the BBMA webstore). Check them out!
FFO: Arkangel, Earth Crisis, Heaven Shall Burn, …

Who are you, what are you doing in the band?
I'm xDimitrix, I play bass, do some backing vocals and also write the lyrics for PxA. 

How has the band evolved since the beginning?

I think we've succeeded in keeping the identity of our sound without doing the same
records always and always again. We started 22 years ago with the energy and fury of a
young edge metal band, and it's still the same passion and hapiness to have the opportunity
to keep this adventure alive. We feel proud to stay after all these years. 

What have you accomplished so far and what are your goals for the future?

 PxA has 2 full albums, 1 split album with the japanese band Cherish and the argentinian guys
of xMostomaltax. 2 EP's, 12 crossed countrys with a mexican tour, one in Japan and one in Brasil, more than 300 shows. We're still hungry and want to see more, meeting great people with
different cultures and playing the music we deeply feel. Our favorite topics are the same since
the beginning: the defense of Earth and all the living creatures you find on it. 

Any upcoming shows/releases/anything else you wanna tell us about?
Our latest EP called "A Silent Wound" is just out, so we'll keep our time before doing another
(as we've always done). We plan shows to defend it, maybe far from home to keep that at memory
for our old days. Your label BBMA offers us a vinyl version and the indonesian label
Diorama Records another one on tape (out soon).

How do you feel about bbma as a label?

We've the chance of making a vinyl version because of you, so... 
Thank you Tim for your assistance and the support in this project.
We wish you all the success in what you do.

In what do we suck most/what could we do better in the future?

Experience is the key, we all do some mistakes, the most important thing is to learn from
these shity things to get better. Less dispersal to keep your energy focused on one goal at the time. Work according to your ways and means, passion will make the rest.

Ps: For this Week, all products Primal Age related are on Sale from the BBMA Webstore. 
01/May/2017 07/May/2017

Sonntag, 23. April 2017

BBMA Band Of The Week #14: Human Animal

Kind of an hardcore allstars-super-group with members of bands like: Anchor, Jesus Wept, xDisciplex AD, Brother’s Keeper, Prayer For A Fallen Angel, The A.K.A.s, Empty Promises,
Smoke & Mirrors, Abnegation, Run Devil Run, Phases and probably a couple more!
I had the honour of releasing their "the first four winters" compilation tape back in early '16.
I really recommend checking them out. FFO: Sick Of It All, xDisciplex AD, Madball, ...

Who are you, what are you doing in the band?

My name is Eric Michael Schauffele aka EMS and I sing for Human Animal.
I bless these other 3 turds with my golden voice which is that of the angels above.
My other duties include complaining, worrying, over thinking, and procrastinating writing lyrics. 

How has the band evolved since the beginning?

 I feel like our newer songs are hitting harder than ever and we’re finding our groove.
Every time we write a new one I’m thinking “Yeah that’s the shit I’m looking for.”
We’ve shortened a lot of the new stuff and also there’s less guitar solos since Nate has moved
away and left the band. Our bassist Ryan “Baby Boi” Zimmerman really stepped up and has written
a lot of new jams for our upcoming stuff that really brought a welcomed new element.
As of lately we really haven’t played many shows in order to focus on writing which has taken
a bit of time, but hopefully that will all pay off. 

What have you accomplished so far and what are your goals for the future?

 We’ve dropped numerous EPs on a bunch of different labels coast to coast across the US
and were blessed with two releases coming out of Germany as well, so that to me is super exciting.
We’ve played with a ton of amazing bands in the US that like to ask to borrow our gear after they
didn’t even check us out so we got that going for us! But seriously we’ve been very fortunate in
our opportunities so far. I would definitely enjoy playing out more often but it’s tough these days
if you’re not part of a tour package or pay to be on one.

Any upcoming shows/releases/anything else you wanna tell us about?

 In a month from now we’re playing our first home town show in a long time which is in Erie, PA with Terror, God’s Hate, & Steel Nation so that is super exciting and we really look forward to
that show. I’m currently trying to lose 10 pounds before then so I don’t die on stage that night
but the nachos I just ate at 1:00am might beg to differ. As far as releases we’ve got 10-11 new songs written musically and half of them have lyrics. So the next step is a full length CD/LP on a yet to be determined record label. We record all of our own material and we’ve done some pre-production
but we really gotta get this thing brewing sooner than later. It will be a huge sigh of relief
once that’s finished. I’m pumped to have people hear this new stuff. It’s got a nice vibe to it
and so far a lot of the songs are all different from each other. 

How do you feel about bbma as a label?
In what do we suck most/what could we do better in the future?

Oh man what kinda crack are you smoking? You helped us out a ton.
We were pumped to drop something on BBMA and I think it turned out awesome.
It’s harder for us to tell how the label operates with us being all of the way over here
but you guys have done some righteous releases. Not to mention you post photos of you shirtless, flexing, or lifting weights, sometimes in a ski mask. How can you go wrong!?!
We prefer to work with lunatics as we feel right at home with them. I personally know
how hard running a label is as I did one for years (Surprise Attack Records aka SA Mob).
DIY hardcore is a thankless money pit that for some reason we all keep doing! 

Thanks a lot! Feel free to add some shoutouts!

Thanx to my bandmates Adam, Ryan, & Bob for doing this band together.
Much love to our wives, girlfriends, and family for putting up with our nonsense.
Special thanx to Tim / BBMA, Danny / Holy Mountain, Panda Claw Records,
Marcel / Demons Run Amok, Matt Yocum / Down For Anything, the guys in Head 2 Wall Records, Wreckage, & Additional Time, for all believing in us and giving us a chance.
Much love to everyone who checks us out online or live, and my favorite,
much love to those who get up front and scream along. Respect.

Ps: For this Week, all products Human Animal related are on Sale from the BBMA Webstore. 
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Sonntag, 16. April 2017

BBMA Band Of The Week #13: Not In This Lifetime

Melodic, yet metallic oldschool hardcore from the Netherlands (by ex-members of Lies!)
After the well accepted release of their demo I now also had the opportunity to release their
debut full-length on tape as well. If you didn't had the chance yet, be sure to check it out now!
FFO: No Turning Back, Champion, Casey Jones (without the SxE), Death Before Dishonor, …

Who are you, what are you doing in the band?

Hi my name is Sander and I do vocals.
Besides that I write all the music for NITL, so the band is kind of my baby. 

How has the band evolved since the beginning?

Since the beginning we added 2 friends on guitar and I switched from guitar to vocals. 
Musically the direction was pretty clear from the beginning, but NITL will never write the
same album twice. So there will always be certain aspects that make NITL sound like NITL.
But at the same time things do evolve. I think our demo already showed that there’s a lot of
diversity between and within songs. On our debut album “Vultures” I think we showed
a wide variety of influences and tried to make this come together and fit.
The goal for a next release is to really create more of a signature sound/style. 

What have you accomplished and what are your goals for the future?

We released a full length album last year and played a couple of really cool show,
in Holland but also abroad. More people start to know we exist. We all have jobs,
have a mortgage and some of us have kids. So we’re not in the position to put as much time into
the band as we would like. But with the time we have we try to accomplish as much as possible. 
My personal goals for the future are:
-have fun with my friends (absolute number one)
-create and play music that makes my heart beat faster
-play cool shows

Any upcoming shows/releases/anything else you wanna tell us about?

We play our hometown Groningen next week [this is a bit outdated - I'm afraid - my fault] and got some other things going. I’m busy writing new songs and we started
 rehearsing a few of them. I’m really exited about the new stuff and hope that we can
start recording asap, hopefully somewhere in 2017.

How do you feel about bbma as a label?
In what do we suck most/what could we do better in the future?

I have a lot of respect for people who put their time, energy and money into supporting
bands they enjoy. I like bbma’s enthousiasme and how easy Tim is approachable.
Communication has always been easy and every promise is kept, so that’s really cool. 
What I personally don’t understand is why a lot of smaller DIY labels do so many
releases every year, in stead of doing a few and promoting the hell out of them.
But I guess having a bigger catalogue is also a cool achievement
and being able to support more bands you love counts for something. 
[The main reason why I release "so many" things each year is, that I always feel bad
when I have to decline a submission (of which I actually like)... and so I just do it :P]


Thank you Tim for your support. 
If you checked out ‘Vultures’” thank you!!!
If you don’t know us check the links below. 

Ps: For this Week, all products Not In This Lifetime related are on Sale from the BBMA Webstore. 
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Sonntag, 9. April 2017

The BBMA Records Mixtape

The perfect answer to the question "hey man, can you recommend me some cool new music?"
finally is here! Just give him a copy of this awesome mixtape with all your favorite bands on it!
There will be a first run of 100 tapes (up for pre-order over here:
and besides that you can also stream/download the whole thing over here for free:
(You will have all file-formats available for dl, so you can also make your own tape/cd/whatever)

Witness The Fall - Palm Diggers
WTF (NL) were the first Band on BBMA and have since then became good friends of mine.
They have been around for quite a while but are still going strong
and in contradiction to most other bands are also even getting better!
Members are also active in bands like: First Fight Down, Drain-Life, The Darkest Red, …
This song is from their '16 Split 7" Release. Good old melodic 90’s style metalcore.
FFO: Skycamefalling, Poison The Well, Morning Again, ...

Unrestrained - Ethel Mertz
Unrestrained (OR)'s '14 LP was the 2nd release on BBMA and also the first international
straight edge release, what made me especially happy. You might know their members
from bands like: Never Enough, Pulling Teeth, Ten Yard Fight, Backlash, The Dead Unknown, …
This band was formed in 2007 and since then delivers metallic 90’s style Straight Edge Hardcore.
This is song is from said LP. FFO: Unbroken, Undertow, Strain, …

Primal Age - A Silent Wound
Primal Age were founded in 1997, became Absone in 1999, and then became Primal Age again
in 2006 and remain active under that name until today. Still vegan. Still straight edge.
Still going strong. 90’s Style Metalcore from France. FFO: Morning Again, Arkangel, Caliban, Heaven Shall Burn, … Members were/are still active bands like: Heretik, Stronghold, Fatal,
Otargos, Kwashiorkor, … This song is from their recently released ('17) 7".

To Ashes - The Holocaust Has Never Ended
To Ashes' '14 EP "Liberation Through Destruction" was the first BBMA vinyl release
and therefore definitely sets a milestone in the label history. The band (now defunct)
came from Italy and played metallic vegan straight edge 90's style hardcore in the vein of
bands like: Purification, Green Rage, Gather…. Your soundtrack to de-mosh the state!

Earthly Rage - World Justice
Another band that unfortunately disbaned soon after their only Demo ('14)...
90’s style hardcore/metalcore from the UK. FFO: Morning Again, Chokehold, Unbroken, …
Some members went on to start a new band, but that kinda fizzled out as well (afaik).
The Darkest Red - The Cyborg Condition
Technical Death Metal from the Netherlands, by members of bands like: Witness The Fall,
First Fight Down, Blind Sight, Sengaia, Second Dawn, Fenris, … I did a special Tape Release
of their latest album ('15) for their last show (which this song is also from).
FFO: Gojira, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Nile, …

No End In Sight - The Hourglass
Vegan (lyirc- & ethicwise) Metalcore/Thrash-Metal band from Germany with a punky DIY attitude.
(Members of Minus Youth, Pessimistic Lines, Lion City, …) Their '15 LP was my first tape release
of which I donated 100% of the proceeds to an animal rights cause, what made me especially happy.
This song is from their most recent ('17) Split 7". FFO: At The Gates, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, …
First Fight Down - Condemned To Suffer
First Fight Down (NL) was founded in 1997 and were active until around ’08/’09.
In '15 they got back together (with members of Witness The Fall and The Darkest Red)
and now (early '17) finally released a killer of an 12" EP (which this song is taken from).
FFO: Morning Again, Reprisal, From The Dying Sky, …
Encrypted - Into The Abyss
Oldschool (Death)Metal arisen from the ashes of Crucial Times (BEL).
Unfortunately already disbanded after only one album (in '15) as well.
FFO: Obituary, All Out War & the death of false metal!!!
Castigator - Opus Magnum
Death/Thrash Metal Outfit from Hamburg, Germany which I sing for. 
Members of: Forward To Eden, Through Chaos & Solitude, ...
The song has been taken from their '16 EP entitled "The Recommencement".
FFO: Death, Gojira, Slayer, Exodus, etc. ….
Vatican - Shiver
Ex-Coastlines (GA) playing 90’s style metalcore/crymosh in the vein of bands like:
Poison The Well, Zao, Prayer For Cleansing, … This song has been taken from their
'15 debut EP (which was - since now - the only release on BBMA)... I really recommend
checking out their new stuff as well though - they only keep getting better!
Human Animal - Down We Go Again
Kind of an hardcore allstars-super-group with members of bands like:Anchor, Jesus Wept, xDisciplex AD, Brother’s Keeper, Prayer For A Fallen Angel, The A.K.A.s, Empty Promises, Smoke & Mirrors, Abnegation, Run Devil Run, Phases, …
This song is the only "exclusive" track on the compilation tape I did for them in early '16
FFO: Sick Of It All, xDisciplex AD, Madball & anything else Lake Erie Area Hardcore.
Gaia Bleeds - Stuck
Vegan straight edge 90’s style beatdown/metalcore from Bru-lsland (a.k.a. UK).
FFO: Withdrawn, Slavearc, xCanaanx, … only did one demo in '15 and then called it quits.
(Fun fact: I had the honour of being their singer during their last tour)
Forward To Eden - Fight For A New World
Vegan straight edge (hardline) 90's style metalcore one-man project from Germany (my own band).
This song has been taken from their '15 Demo CD (Re-mixed version from the '16 comp).
FFO: Statement, Culture, Unborn & The Vegan Jihad!
xLAIRx - Gaia’s Retribution
Vegan straight edge 90’s style hardcore (from Australia) in the vein of bands like:
Path Of Resistance, Earth Crisis, Shockwave, Culture, … Still one of my favorites.
This song is from their 7" vinyl co-release with Life.Lair.Regret. Records.
Not In This Lifetime - All We Have Left
Melodic oldschool hardcore from the Netherlands (by ex-members of Lies!).
FFO: No Turning Back, Champion, Casey Jones (without the SxE), Death Before Dishonor, …
This song is from their new ('17) album which I had the honour of releasing on tape.
Fortress Black - Endzeit
Post-modern black metal/blackened negative dark hardcore from Germany.
FFO: Dunkelheit, Naturgewalt & Total Death! With members of bands like: Beatdown,
Radical Development, 711 Mayhem, Leichnam, Empowerment, True Blue, Iron Skull,
Golgatha, Son Goku, Line-Up, The Crimson Divine, Absidia, Countless, …

Realm Of Torment - Anathema
First BBMA 12″ Vinyl Release (in cooperation w/ Rage) and still one of my favorite current bands.
Early 00’s style metalcore/beatdown from the UK (UYC Crew) FFO: Killswitch Engage,
Martyr AD, Slavearc, … with members of bands like: Nihility, Overturn, No Excuse, …
No Restraint - The Branches Of Suffering
Metallic vegan straight edge 90’s style hardcore from Florida with a militant stance towards
veganism & animal rights. FFO: Green Rage, Trial, Earth Crisis, Culture, …
I had the honour of co-releasing their demo on vinyl in early '16.

Absorption - Stranger
Metallic 90’s style hardcore band from the UK (with the guy behind MMW on Bass).
I had the honour of doing the tape version for their debut EP.
Their song is a re-recorded version of one of their demo songs.
FFO: Pain Runs Deep, Sunrise, Arkangel, ...

Seek Nothing - Whale Thrower
Metallic oldschool hardcore from Berlin. FFO: "not so bad" hardcore...
This song is taken from their '17 Split 7" w/ No End In Sight.
Content With Dying - Justice
             Short-lived project band by members of Fourth Crusade.
Oldschool vegan metal FFO; Day Of Suffering, Chokehold, Integrity, ...
This song has been taken from their '16 Split 7" w/ FTE (which is also their only demo though)

Titan - Payday
Chaotic early 00’s emo-metalcore/crymosh from Belgium. Members of xHeartfeltx,
Serenity Fails, … FFO: Jane., Shai Hulud, Converge, Kindred, …
This song has been taken from their '16 Split 7" w/ WTF.

Renounced - Love And Depression
Early 00’s melodic, emotional metalcore from the UK (with breakdowns)… a.k.a. “Crymosh” Members of Abolition, Digress, Employed To Serve, and probably a couple more!
FFO: Poison The Well, 7 Angels 7 Plagues, Hopesfall, …
This song has been taken from their '16 Split 7"w/ STB,
xJustified Violencex - The Pledge
“Real Hardcore For True Straight Edge Warriors”
 Militant oldschool sxe hardcore from Maryland,  FFO: xWidowmakerx, Casey Jones,
Minority Unit, Path Of Resistance, xBishopx, ... This song is from their latest ('16) album.
xHeartfeltx - Enslaved
Metallic 90’s style straight edge hardcore by members of bands like: Serenity Fails, Titan,
xDevourx, No Solace, … FFO: Kindred, Morning Again, Spirit Of Youth, …
This song has been taken from their latest ('16) album released through Mosh Potatoes.
Yeah, unfortunately I wasn't involved in this, but I released their demo on tape (in '15)
and will definitely try to be a part of their next output as well!

Through Chaos & Solitude - If This Is The Best We Can Get Then I Am Disappointed
New melodic black metal one-man project from Germany (by myself).
Members of FTE & Castigator. FFO: Woods Of Ypres, Agalloch, Panopticon, …
This song has been taken from their demo/debut ('17) EP which is just out.

So, if you managed to read all of this until down here: Congratulations!
Feel free to re-post/tell a friend/whatever - I'm sure there is some music in this for everyone.
Oh, and if you like the cover-theme - you can now also get a new BBMA t-shirt design
along with your tape pre-order, check it out:

Thanks for your attention. Keep up the good fight. Support diy bands and labels. Go to small shows.
Bring back the 90's. Go vegan. Strife for total liberation. ...and watch more anime.

Montag, 20. März 2017

BBMA Band Of The Week #12: Witness The Fall


Melodic 90's Style Metalcore from the Netherlands.
Been around for quite a while now (read for yourself a bit further down)
and also were the first Band on this label, my good friends and probably my
favorite Metalcore Band around - Witness The Fall. Check them out, now!
FFO: Skycamefalling, Poison The Well, Morning Again, ...

 Who are you, what are you doing in the band?

Hey Tim, I'm Aron From Witness the fall, doing vocals in the band.

How has the band evolved since the beginning?

In the early days (before 2000) Witness the fall was called Tresore,
the only remaining member in the band from that era is Rik, our drummer.
If i remember well Tresore became Witness the fall in 2000, the first MCD was released 2001.
I wasn’t in the band back then. Bjorn, their singer, a good friend of me back then,
dropped a copy of the MCD in my mailbox. i was instantly hooked. Bjorn quit the band a few
years later, where i filled in on vocals. Not much later Chiel (First fight down) joined the band,
and bassist Lesley (who plays in A Giant A Genius now), got replaced by Wouter.
The sound stayed much the same until in 2014 Tommy left the band, Witness the fall went on
with just one guitar player. This had such an impact on the sound, but it gave a twist
the band really needed. The sound turned out much more hardcore now.
Tthe emotion is still in the music, but les whiny. Witness the falls has balls now!

What have you accomplished so far and what are your goals for the future?

 If you'd ask me this 3 or 4 years ago, then i did a lot of these things by now.
I’ve released my own music on vinyl, We met a lot of new friends and people, Heartfelt, Titan,
UYC, BBMA, Realm of torment & Patrick Mark My words. It gives so much strength to meet likeminded people. The best is playing shitholes with these people, travels endless roads in too
small vans. Every time anybody from the other side of the world orders a record through the internet
  Iget such an awesome feeling. I really would like to play Asia once, that's still on my list. 

Any upcoming shows/releases/anything else you wanna tell us about?

 We are working on 2 or 3 new songs now, i think we are going to release them on a split 7" again.
If any bands are interested, don't hesitate to let our label bosses know haha! 

How do you feel about bbma as a label?
In what do we suck most/what could we do better in the future?

 I could never hope somebody would invest in our music. since we are a DIY band
I know how much this costs, not only the energy, but also the finances.
Having a (DIY) label back you up helps so much in developing your music and band itself.
I feel humble to work with those people. Really nothing I can think of that labels as BBMA
(and others like Rage or MMW) could to better, I love every single thing of them. 

Thanks a lot! Feel free to add some shoutouts! 

Check out the new record (out on BBMA) from First Fight Down (with Chiel on guitars,
Aron on bass), fierce 90s metalcore in veins of Arkangel & reprisal. Fix us some show in
Germany later this year please, need to play with Castigator and get my fahrrad zurück!
[godverdomme fietsers...]

 Ps: For this Week, all products Witness The Fall related are on Sale from the BBMA Webstore.
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