Dienstag, 27. Juni 2017

BBMA Newbloods: Bring Our Demise

Melodic Vegan Straight Edge 90's Style Metalcore Band/Solo-Project from the USA (MI),
in the vein of bands like: Undying, Prayer For Cleansing, Unearth, etc. ...

They brought out two demos so far (in '16 & '17) which will both be available on one tape,
as BBMA40 really soon. All proceeds of this release will go towards Sasha Farm (animal sanctuary).

Who are you and what are you doing in the band?

My name is Nolan Arthur. Bring Our Demise is a solo project and I play all the instruments.

Are there any plans on bringing it on stage at some point? How will this look like?

I have plans to perform spoken word, touching base on topics of animal, human,
and earth liberation and perform my songs live. My live performances are similar to how
hip-hop artists perform their music. I backtrack the music and do vocals.

What is Bring Our Demise about? What's the drive behind it?

The purpose of Bring Our Demise is to shed light about the injustices that exist in our world
and ways to possibly combat them. The goal is to educate people about the suffering of animals, humans, and mother earth through music and spoken word. Another goal is to donate 100%
of profits from merchandise sales to people/organizations that are making a difference in our world.

What have you achieved so far and what are your goals for the future?

My achievements so far are small. I’ve raised a small amount of money through t-shirt sales
for animal rescues and sanctuaries. I hope once I hit the road and begin performing live,
I’ll be able to spread some knowledge and hopefully raise some more money.

What do you do besides BoD? Any other "band"/cool hobbies you wanna tell us about?

Outside of Bring Our Demise, I play in a band called The Cambodian Heat and have a new band
in the works with my friend Kylee. I also run a small cassette label called Coercion Cassettes
and started a non-profit record label called HEAL(Human|Earth|Animal Liberation) Records.
It’s a new endeavor of mine. 100% of profits will be donated to good causes. Outside of music,
I enjoy cooking. I’m vegan and I love pushing my cooking skills. I skateboard in my free time.
I also enjoy hanging out with my dog Lacee.

Thanks a lot - feel free to add some shoutouts!

I want to give a shout out to Tim BBMA for releasing my demo and donating the profits to my
local animal sanctuary Sasha Farm, my friend Kylee, my skate crew BK Boyz and my
local skateshop Revival, and anyone who practices and believes in total liberation.

Side note: I challenge all vegan straight edge bands/people to practice what they preach.
Educate people, raise money and donate it (there’s no money in music anyways.
What’s the point of holding on to what little profits you make?), organize with larger groups
of like-minded people (not just your music scene friends), and do what you believe is right
in your heart to push the idea of total liberation. Finally, if you see any form of injustice, act.
Don’t just stand there and let shitty things happen to people, animals, or our planet.

Pre-Order starts this weekend: http://bbmarecords.com/shop
The 1st Press will be /50. This is to be able to donate something asap.
If they sell quick though, there will instantly be a 2nd Press + T-Shirts. Up to you.

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