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Top 10 Releases of 2017

Top 10, in no particular order (as I kept switching them each day):
A precautionary sorry for featuring so many of my own releases,
but I guess that just proofes that I really like them myself and that I try to support
and if possible release my own favorite bands whenever I get the opportunity!

First Fight Down - Revelation: Extinction EP
Bound By Modern Age (12")/ Rage (12")/ Mark My Words (CD)/ Diorama (MC)
 The return of the true 90's Metalcore sound in '17. Emotional high-pitched screams,
combined with relentlessly thrashing riffs and blasts, occasionally breaken up by a melodic
clean singing and an expressive melody - no re-invention of the wheel or something,
but a perfect continuation of bands like From The Dying Sky or Morning Again...
I would've loved to see them on tour with Repentance, which was my number one band/album
of last year, but unfortunately, due to their (Repentance's) break up, that won't happen anymore...
To my ear, even though (unfortunately) not lyrically, they sound pretty much alike in some parts!
However, they (FFD) also share members with Witness The Fall, which was my number one band/album of '15 - so we might be able to catch these two together sometime!
Interesting Side-Fact: FFD was founded in '97 but kind of went on hiatus in early - mid 2000,
with members continuing/wandering off into other bands like Witness The Fall, Drain-Life,
The Darkest Red, etc. Just to get back together in '15 and picking things up exactly where they
left them. This new EP was released on 12" vinyl with some old stuff on the B-Side.

Drawing Last Breath - Final Sacrifice LP
Carry The Weight (12")/ Retribution (CD)
The METAL side of 90's 'core. Hailing from Florida, with Members of Blistered,
these guys are here to bring back the divebombs and chugs into the metal scene!
...or the high solo guitars and heavy headbangs into the hardcore scene?
Imagine Undying meets Prayer For Cleansing on Miami Beach...
Harmonising melodies and thrashing tremolo picking. Thrilling "dance parts"
and destructive blastbeats. Everything goes hand in hand on this record.
This debut LP, following an overwhelming Demo EP, is now available on 12" vinyl.

Realm Of Torment - In Fragile Hands EP
Bound By Modern Age (MC)/ Rage (MC)/ Mark My Words (CD)
Simply continuing where the LP, which I also had the honor of releasing last year,
left off, this new EP delivers just as much killer 00's metalcore hymns a la Killswitch Engage,
suddenly breaken up by breakdowns hitting harder than a sledgehammer in the face
and also beautiful melodies and compositions a la Poison The Well.
The vocals on this EP range from high pitched screeching to a guttural growling,
with the refreshing addition of female singing. This EP tries to explore some new ways
and to my understanding, it works! Really leaves me hooked for more!

To Ashes - The Refusal To Accept EP
Bound By Modern Age (7")/ Animals Kingdom (7")
The (unfortunate) last output of an by the time already defunct band...
Virtually the dying breath of the Italian vegan straight edge scene - but only to be reborn again!
Harsh and militant metallic hardcore that involuntarily lets you think of bands like
Purification or Reprisal, while also throwing in some Slayer here and there.
A perfect example of what hardcore music, played by metalheads can sound like!
And as if the completely overwhelming music wasnt enough, this EP also comes with
lyrics which, at least for me, totally speak from the heart. Now available on a small,
exclusive run of 7"s, of which all profits are donated to animal liberation cause.

Bring Our Demise - Atrocities Against The Environment And Life EP
Bound By Modern Age (MC)/ HEAL (MC)
Uncontested demo of the year. Only minus point: too short.
90's metalcore meets emocore with militant as fuck vegan straight edge lyrics
...a crymosh for the animals! By (ex-)members of The Cambodian Heat and xEradicatex.
Flawless tremolo picking combined with a high pitched screaming a la Prayer For Cleansing.
Bonus coolness: everything they do is 100% non-profit/gets donated to animal liberation causes.
FFO: Undying, Unearth & Nightingales / Caring, Liberation & Walter Bond.

Servitude - Path To Amnesty EP
Bound By Modern Age (7")/ Rage (7")/ Life Lair Regret (MC)
Another killer vegan straight edge metallic hardcore release from the UK.
Paying just as much tribute to the old edgemetal and H8000 scene as to the more recent
metalcore outfits like Canaan or even Repentance - are they to carry the torch? Time will tell
and this first demo release, which already sounds superb, definitely lets us hope for more.
Probably one of the hardest demo's I've heard in a while - hugs and chugs, the liberation mosh.

Pillorian - Obsidian Arc LP
Eisenwald (12"/MC) / Dämmerung (CD)
A new melodic black metal project, risen from the ashes of Agalloch.
Darker and heavier, more raw in my opinion, but still unique and distinctively John Haughm.
Typical blast songs with high pitched screaming, which remind of Darkthrone
or even Immortal, giving turns with quieter melodies and even the occasional use of
sung/clean vocals, which on the other hand totally remind of Agalloch or Fen.
FFO: "good" black metal that doesn't sound like it's been recorded in a tin.
Deconsecrate - Resentment EP
Soaked In Torment (7")/ Kick Out The Jams (CD)
H8000 death metal, alive and kickin'! Following a great LP, which managed
to flawlessly combine the best of hardcore and death metal, an EP which
to my understanding goes even harder and draws more influences from the dark,
or even black metal scene. Two guitars, two singers (shouters) and a drummer
who can also count for two people though... imagine Path Of Resistance, being fronted by
the guys from Deformity and Legion. Hard as fuck. Give horns in the mosh-pit!

Ancst - Furnace EP & Split EP w/ King Apathy
Vendetta (12")/ Yehonala (MC)/ Alerta Antifascista (12")/ Supreme Chaos (12")
 Probably my all-time favorite crust-punk/blackened hardcore/post-black metal band.
First delivering a heavy hitting 12" EP themselves, which shows the further development
of the band itself - now, for the first time, with an actual drummer, but not any less fast
and on point. Also the song structure, to my understanding, is on this one even more "clean"
and technical to my understanding. Less noisy and more easy to get into I guess...
does that even make sense? Even reminds me of Heaven Shall Burn in some parts!
However, I really like it; just as the Split EP with the awesome King Apathy
(ex-Thränenkind) which features one new song of each band & a cover song from the other.
King Apathy deliver it with their own mixture of vegan straight edge metalcore
and blackened hardcore/crust metal. Both 100% recommendable.
Wake Of Humanity - Grotesque Lie EP
Catalyst (7")
Not only marks this the birth of a new vegan straight edge metallic hardcore band,
but as well the rebirth of the vegan straight edge label catalyst records.
So, what else can you ask for and how could I even not like it?
Despite these obvious facts, this EP is really good itself as well.
Typical 90's worship with a touch of modern hardcore. Reminds me of something like
Earth Crisis, meets Trial, meets Birthright - with partly personal and emotional lyrics.

Top 10 additional awesome releases which you should definitely check out as well:
Yeah, because 10 definitely isn't enough - I have no idea who it was that started with 10...

Devour - Defiant Until The End LP
Mark My Words (CD)/ Ugly & Proud (12")/ Kick Out The Jams (MC)
Metallic sxe hardcore from Belgium (ex-Blade). FFO: Culture, Kindred, etc.

Falls Of Rauros - Vigilance Perennial LP
Nordvis (12")/ Bindrune (12")
Melodic pagan black metal by members of Falls Of Rauros. FFO: Fen, Winterfylleth, etc.

Vatican - Ache Of Eternity EP
Sorrow Carrier (12")
Nerdy 90's melo-metalcore a.k.a. crymosh. FFO: Prayer For Cleansing, Poison The Well, etc.
Eden Is Gone - Vengeance From This Dying World EP 
Bound By Modern Age (MC)/ Mark My Words (CD)
90's edgemetal. In your face. FFO: Arkangel, Reprisal, etc.

Nihility - Imprisoned Eternal LP
Bound By Modern Age (12")/ Rage (12")
Oldschool death metal meets the 'core. FFO: Obituary, Deicide, etc.

Primal Age - A Silent Wound EP
Bound By Modern Age (7")/ Deadlight Entertainment (CD)/ Diorama (MC)
OG vegan straight edge 90's metal(core) from France. FFO: Heaven Shall Burn, Absone, etc.
No End In Sight / Seek Nothing - Split EP
Bound By Modern Age (7")
Vegan metalcore/thrash metal meets metallic oldschool hardcore. FFO: At The Gates, HxC, etc.

Heartfelt - Strange New World LP
Bound By Modern Age (MC)/ Mark My Words (CD)
Metallic oldschool hardcore from Belgium. FFO: Kindred, Morning Again, etc.
Woe - Hope Attrition LP
Vendetta (12"/MC)
Raw red/green (post-)black metal. FFO: Panopticon, Ancst, etc.

Unrestrained - Inside My Head, Black Meets Red EP
Indecision (7")
Vegan straight edge oldschool hardcore/metalcore. FFO: Morning Again, Earth Crisis, etc.

Top Releases of my own bands, which I was too afraid to include into the actual Top 10
although I really dig them myself and I think you should definitely check them out as well:

Through Chaos & Solitude - The Thawing Winds Of The Morning Sun EP
Bound By Modern Age (MC)/ Mark My Words (CD)
Melodic/symphonic (green) black metal. FFO: Woods Of Ypres, Falls Of Rauros, etc.

Forward To Eden - When Blood Covers Morality EP
Bound By Modern Age (7")
Vegan straight edge 90's metalcore meets oldschool death metal. FFO: Statement, Culture, etc.
The Rule - Justice Will Be Served & It's My Life EP
Bound By Modern Age (MC)/ Right Choice (MC)
Vegan straight edge oi metal hardcore punk. FFO: Battle Ruins, Vegan Reich, etc.
Statement - Decide EP
Bound By Modern Age (7")/ Bloodless (7")
OG hardline (xvx) oldschool death metal. FFO: Deicide, Vegan Jihad, etc.

Carnivore Crusher - Reborn From Hatred EP
Bound By Modern Age (MC)/ Bloodless (MC)
Vegan straight edge oldschool death metal. FFO: Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, etc.

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