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BBMA Band Of The Week #14: Human Animal

Kind of an hardcore allstars-super-group with members of bands like: Anchor, Jesus Wept, xDisciplex AD, Brother’s Keeper, Prayer For A Fallen Angel, The A.K.A.s, Empty Promises,
Smoke & Mirrors, Abnegation, Run Devil Run, Phases and probably a couple more!
I had the honour of releasing their "the first four winters" compilation tape back in early '16.
I really recommend checking them out. FFO: Sick Of It All, xDisciplex AD, Madball, ...

Who are you, what are you doing in the band?

My name is Eric Michael Schauffele aka EMS and I sing for Human Animal.
I bless these other 3 turds with my golden voice which is that of the angels above.
My other duties include complaining, worrying, over thinking, and procrastinating writing lyrics. 

How has the band evolved since the beginning?

 I feel like our newer songs are hitting harder than ever and we’re finding our groove.
Every time we write a new one I’m thinking “Yeah that’s the shit I’m looking for.”
We’ve shortened a lot of the new stuff and also there’s less guitar solos since Nate has moved
away and left the band. Our bassist Ryan “Baby Boi” Zimmerman really stepped up and has written
a lot of new jams for our upcoming stuff that really brought a welcomed new element.
As of lately we really haven’t played many shows in order to focus on writing which has taken
a bit of time, but hopefully that will all pay off. 

What have you accomplished so far and what are your goals for the future?

 We’ve dropped numerous EPs on a bunch of different labels coast to coast across the US
and were blessed with two releases coming out of Germany as well, so that to me is super exciting.
We’ve played with a ton of amazing bands in the US that like to ask to borrow our gear after they
didn’t even check us out so we got that going for us! But seriously we’ve been very fortunate in
our opportunities so far. I would definitely enjoy playing out more often but it’s tough these days
if you’re not part of a tour package or pay to be on one.

Any upcoming shows/releases/anything else you wanna tell us about?

 In a month from now we’re playing our first home town show in a long time which is in Erie, PA with Terror, God’s Hate, & Steel Nation so that is super exciting and we really look forward to
that show. I’m currently trying to lose 10 pounds before then so I don’t die on stage that night
but the nachos I just ate at 1:00am might beg to differ. As far as releases we’ve got 10-11 new songs written musically and half of them have lyrics. So the next step is a full length CD/LP on a yet to be determined record label. We record all of our own material and we’ve done some pre-production
but we really gotta get this thing brewing sooner than later. It will be a huge sigh of relief
once that’s finished. I’m pumped to have people hear this new stuff. It’s got a nice vibe to it
and so far a lot of the songs are all different from each other. 

How do you feel about bbma as a label?
In what do we suck most/what could we do better in the future?

Oh man what kinda crack are you smoking? You helped us out a ton.
We were pumped to drop something on BBMA and I think it turned out awesome.
It’s harder for us to tell how the label operates with us being all of the way over here
but you guys have done some righteous releases. Not to mention you post photos of you shirtless, flexing, or lifting weights, sometimes in a ski mask. How can you go wrong!?!
We prefer to work with lunatics as we feel right at home with them. I personally know
how hard running a label is as I did one for years (Surprise Attack Records aka SA Mob).
DIY hardcore is a thankless money pit that for some reason we all keep doing! 

Thanks a lot! Feel free to add some shoutouts!

Thanx to my bandmates Adam, Ryan, & Bob for doing this band together.
Much love to our wives, girlfriends, and family for putting up with our nonsense.
Special thanx to Tim / BBMA, Danny / Holy Mountain, Panda Claw Records,
Marcel / Demons Run Amok, Matt Yocum / Down For Anything, the guys in Head 2 Wall Records, Wreckage, & Additional Time, for all believing in us and giving us a chance.
Much love to everyone who checks us out online or live, and my favorite,
much love to those who get up front and scream along. Respect.

Ps: For this Week, all products Human Animal related are on Sale from the BBMA Webstore. 
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