Mittwoch, 14. März 2012


Another way too underrated metalcore band from Germany (and also one of my favorites).
Since it is realy hard to get any information about them, i can just say that they released an Ep, an Lp and the split with Jane. within 3 years - from 1997 to 2000.
And that everyone should listen to them, cause they're fucking great!
After they broke up, members went on to bands like "Sirens", "Settle The Score", "Machinemade God", "Crowley's Passion" and "Get It Done!".

(They play Vegan - Animal Rights and Straight Edge influenced 90's-Style metalcore)

Nyari - Dark Vision Of A Circling Point (Song From The Seed Of The Next Season Sampler - 1999)

Finally got their demo tape - pretty much "different" ...probably thats why no one digitalized it before!
Less metallic, more melodic and with a second, female vocalist that is "singing".
But, judge for yourself - In any case it shows the beginning of an awesome band!

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