Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013


One of the best and most impressive metalcore bands of all time!
(Contains Members from Day Of Suffering, Prayer For Cleansing and Catharsis)
Very melodical metal(core) with crushing beatdowns and an awesome rhythm (2nd) guitar!
 Poetic Lyrics about Politics, Activism, Veganism and Animal Liberation.

Until 2003 female fronted.
Due some health problems they had to change the vocalist. 
But this did not affect the magnificence of the band, if anything it even improved them!
For further Information check their myspace, you can also find a great Interview there ;-)

Although not realy unknown or underrated, 
I just noticed that some releases (Demo and Split EP) are quiet hard to get.

 Members are still active in Go Deep and Gut Feeling.

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  1. Kann At History's End auf mediafire hochgeladen werden? Zippyshare ist tot