Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013


Way too underrated band, which I thought would be more well known,
not only for what band members have done before, meanwhile and after,
but I guess at least nowadays theire passing into oblivion...

Vegan Straight Edge (Hardcore influenced) Thrash Metal from the UK!

Members were / are active in several Bands, like:
Ironside, Vorhees, Bob Tilton, Tribute, Slavearc, Withdrawn, Neckbrace, Born From Pain, Canvas, Thirty Seconds Until Armageddon, Cracked Cop Skulls, Ironside, Nailbomb, Sore Throat, Statement, ATA, Last Chance, Walk The Plank, Safeguard, Talisman, Lifer, Blood Green, Engage, ...

For further Information check their myspace ;-)

Unborn & Purification - Split CD (2002)

I finally got the Unborn & Vegan Militia Split - check it out!
Musically, just as lyrically this is awesome - it just picks things up, where they stopped.
The only thing I unfortunately have to criticize here, are the vocals...
they are not bad, just somehow less powerfull than before.

Unborn & Vegan Militia - Split CD (2013)

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  1. Unborn & Purification - Split CD link fixed... and please, if you notice a dead link, dont just go ahead - tell me!

  2. Please re-up the Vegan Militia split!

  3. Is there any chance to reach info about artwork from Truth against the world? I need the picture oh hand with sword, i mean the original picture. ThanXXX

    1. I do have the T-Shirt with the image (hand with sword) and "vegan jihad" written under it... i could take a photo for you or even scan if that helps.
      (feel free to write me on

  4. The Unborn / Purification Split is offline...please reupload :)