Donnerstag, 6. März 2014

V/A - Compilations You Should Know About!

I do always add some compilation only songs, when I post the discography of a band,
and since there are pretty much awesome compilations with exclusive songs out there,
I just thought I could a whole compilation post as well...
So here you go (sorted by release date):

I personally got this one for Spirit Of Youth, who recorded for a 7" on 
Crucial Response Records later that year - pretty much youthcrew influenced during that time,
they just became metallic new school hardcore later on! ;-)
However, the Nations On Fire track isnt bad as well and Blindfold, with Hans from Liar,
became great as well, later on - so check it out!

I personally got this one for the exclusive Soulstice song, but Conviction and Overcast
are great as well, just as Converge, Starkweather and probably some more...
I guess you know what to expect - check it out!

Benefit Compilations are always a cool thing, and lots of great bands are on it as well, like:
Outspoken, Nations On Fire, Undertow, Groundwork, Sparkmarker, Blindfold, Lifetime, ...

The to my mind best compilation ever - without question! 
Got released on 12" two years later by Uprising Records (with slightly different line-up) as well.
Contains some of the best songs ever of bands like:
Sevin, Statement, Birthright, Unborn, Abnegation, Earth Crisis, Culture, ...

Got this one for Birthrite, as I needed it for my collection,
but stedding and contempt aren't bad as well!

Obviously for Outspoken... the, at least to my mind, best Outspoken song ever written!
But lots of other great bands are on it as well, like:
108, Snapcase, Undertow, Strife, Lifetime, ...

More kind of a threeway live split between Earth Crisis, Snapcase and Strife,
but hey, it's pretty cool, isnt it? And it's stated as compilation on Discogs...
enough of a reason for me to put it on here as well! :P

Got this one only for Unborn... everything else on it is not really my cup of tea...
although that Vorhees, Tribute and Bob Titlon arent actually "bad" as well!

Legendary compilation with awesome bands like: 
Congress, Liar, Sektor, Blindfold, Deformity, Spirit Of Youth, Firestone, ...

Live compilation of this legendary, now known as Ieper-, festival, with bands like:
Firestone, Facedown, Culture, Caliban, Liar, Pray Silent, Arkangel, Sad Origin, Clouded, ...

Another one of my favorite compilations, as it contains some of the best songs of bands like:
Clouded, Point Of No Return, Withdrawn, Shorebreak, Dehumanize, Shed, Reprisal, ...

Really good metalcore/hardcore compilation with, to that time new bands from germany,
that became really big later on (at least some of them)! Great tracks of bands like:
Jane., Heaven Shall Burn, Linsay, Enfold, Nyari, Deamon's Jaded Passion, Caliban, ...

Not such a solid line up as on volume one, but still with great bands like:
Walls Of Jericho, Sad Origin, Pray Silent, Shadows Fall, Andromeda, Facedown, ...

I dont really like everything on that one... but it has some great tracks on it as well, of bands like:
Stickfigurecarousel, Throwdown, Eyelid, Eighteen Visions, ...

...thats it for now! let me know if youd want some more!

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