Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014

The 90's Mixtape - Underrated/Unknown

So, I just did this Mixtape with lots of underrated/unknown stuff form the 90's,
that nobody knows about (and probably doesnt even want to as well).

"Mostly xvx, everything from hardcore/metal(core) to screamo, thrash and death...
Just order a copy and take a listen in your car, or wherever you can still find a tape deck nowadays, but don't worry if you can't, they'll also come with a download link!
The tapes will also come with a huge bookelt, so that I have the space to write two or three
sentences about each band - as I said, this is not the usual "unknown" like green rage,
day of suffering or facedown... some are "unknown" like about 10 listeners on lastfm or
being together as a band for just a few months!
 First Press strictly limited to 25 - self-dubbed and self-produced/printed/etc.
(as diy as it can get)"

I still have some copies, so feel free to order one (the hard copies will also come with a nice
extra leaflet and a kind of "poster" on the back of the booklet, which you cant get in digital! ;-)
Anyway, as I want all of you to check this shit out, here is the link:

For a hard copy head over here:
(tell me if I need to do a 2nd Press)

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  1. This is so awesome. Ordered! Also a couple of the other tapes and the zine too! Nice work man!