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BBMA Newbloods: Vegan Jihad

So, yeah, here I am as well introducing a new categorie to you 
BBMA Newbloods - lets see if that'll work out! ;-)

First one - Vegan Jihad - pretty new Metal/Hardcore Band from Nevada
and yeah... I guess you can already tell why I am telling you about them, can't you!?
and while doing so, let's see what they have to tell you about themselves:

Vegan Jihad - i guess the name already says it all, but: whats it about?

We are about bringing together those who are sick and tired of standing by while 
the animal holocaust continues. Sick and tired of being passive about the situation. Sick and tired 
of people not accepting responsibility for their role in the unnecessary enslavement, torture 
and horrifying death of innocent helpless animals. Sick and tired of all the rationalizations and 
cop outs of their support of the animal holocaust.

So, would you guys consider yourselfes "hardline"? 
...and would you say that hardline is still a thing nowadays?

There are multiple definitions of what Hardline could be considered. With Vegan Jihad, 
we may fit the profile of different movements but we will only allow ourselves to be associated 
to one cause and that is elimination of the suffering, torture and murder of helpless animals, 
be it for profit or sport or any other sick reason. Our goal is to reduce the demand of these atrocious 
acts which will reduce the supply. Any way that has to happen is well within what I personally 
am willing to do regardless of the sacrifice.

What about the individuals behind the project? Do we possibly know any of you from other bands?

Very highly unlikely. Even so, regardless of any projects we may have been involved with in 
the past, our individual identities are insignificant. Our past musical involvements are insignificant. When people look at us, all they need to see is 5 faceless human beings who are dead serious 
about our message and achieving our goals.

Concerning your lyrics, it seems like religion is, besides animal rights/veganism, also an 
important point you'd like to address, yeah? is there a connection for you? and is it more 
about christianity or kind of "against all religions"?

The issue is not with religion exactly. The issue is with people who use religion as a cop out 
for contributing to the animal holocaust. With all the different bible versions and religions, 
naive people can always find some bullshit quote in their shit rag bible to interpret any way that is convenient for their conscience and/or comforts. So what I say to these people is if you truly believe your God condones the animal holocaust, then fuck you and fuck your God, for I am the Devil.

What about the straight edge? Would you consider yourself a vegan straight edge band? 
...cause you fucking sound like one!

If it were realistic I wouldn’t even call us a band. We do use music in part though to further 
our cause so calling us a band is fair and accurate. As with the Hardline question, I will not allow 
us to be labeled with anything other than Activists dedicated to the reduction and ultimately the elimination of the animal holocaust. That being said, I won’t even drink caffeine much less 
anything harder that could cloud or soften my mind or destroy my body before I am able to use it 
up and eventually sacrifice it to achieve my goals. Much respect to the straight edge bands who put 
it on the line for their beliefs. I take it as a compliment and an honor that we sound that way to you.

While were just at it: name some of your main influences (i already have some 
90's metal/core bands in mind, but i am curious to hear what you actually wanted to sound like).

I am more influenced by bands like Earth Crisis for their convictions and unwavering dedication 
to their beliefs and weren’t afraid to fight those who challenged them. These are guys that have been on the front line for decades. Those guys get full respect and support. We wouldn’t even play our first show until we could do it with Earth Crisis. Vegan Jihad has been around for more than 3 years and we recorded I Am The Devil over a year ago. Now that the opportunity to perform under Earth Crisis has come, the world will now see what we are about. Watch for our first music video around the second week of October. As far as musical style, I honestly can say there is no intentional style. 
My guitar influence would come mostly from Napalm Death and Obituary type of bands.

For your demo/record/whatever: when will we be able to hear it in it's full? 
Is there a (vinyl) release planned? And will you tour Europe with it?

Haven’t really thought much about how the release will be handled. We will do it however it 
gets heard the most. If making vinyl is something people want we will do it. This outfit will 
never accept profit. Any monies accrued will be swiftly donated to local animal shelters etc. We never wanted people’s first impression of us to be just the music it was supposed to be the videos. Now the music is being heard alone first and that’s fine, but there is so much more to this than what you could get by listening to a few songs. You have to see it either in concert or in videos. Both are now scheduled less than an hour from where we live. With Europe there are festivals out there that would be great platforms for Vegan Jihad to perform on if our stage show could be and would be facilitated. Europeans are far ahead of Americans in Animal Liberation measures so we need to focus our attention on America. We will see though if there is enough interest from Europe at some point for Vegan Jihad to make the trip and do what we do. Hopefully that would be sooner than later.

Stay updated:

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