Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2020

Top 10 Releases of 2020

 By now you might've figured that this blogspot is mostly dead...
But here's my Top 10 Releases of the year again (with adjusted rating system):

Panopticon & Nechochwen – Split LP (Bindrune, 12”) 110%
Melodic, emotional, at times progressive Black Metal with Folk Elements.
Really versatile. Panopticon side is a tad stronger. Still love both though.

UADA – Djinn LP (Eisenwald, 12”) 107%
THE modern Black Metal Band if you ask me.
A highly anticipated release that doesn’t let down.

If you’re trying to play brutal, H8000 Style 90s Metalcore in the ‘20s
and it doesn’t sound exactly like this: leave it. You’re doing it wrong.

Ancst - Summits Of Despondency LP (Lifeforce, 12”) 102%
Blackened Crust Metal(core) with a twist

Funeral Leech - Death Meditation LP (Carbonized, 12”) 100%
The epitome of filthy Doom Death Metal

Signs Of Spring - Yes, You're An Angel EP (Wretched / Paranoid, MC) 97%
XVX 90s Style blackened melodic Metalcore 

Havukruunu - Uinuos Syömein Sota LP (Naturmacht, 12”) 95%
Viking/Pagan Black Metal

Eden Is Gone – Scattering Of My Malice EP (Bound By Modern Age, 12”) 92%
90s Style Blackened EdgeMetal(core)

Cleansing – Dark Current EP (Bound By Modern Age, 12”) 90%
Unyielding Straight Edge Metalcore

Witness The Fall – Closure LP (Bound By Modern Age, 12”) 90%
Melodic oldschool Metalcore

Noteable mentions in no particular order: Vanguard - Rage of Deliverance EP,  xUntold Sufferingx –Demo EP, Ceremonial Castings – Salem 1692, Ritual Of Decay – Tremble Before Violence EP,
Ritual Of Decay / Carnivore Crusher - Split EP, 
Memento – Demo 2020, Castigator -
Impressions From The Abyss LP, Unworthy Of Life - Enslaved EP, Enslave -
The Impeachment Of Man EP, Forward To Eden - Ready To Kill For The Cult LP,
Audn - Vökudraumsins Fangi LP, Grima - Rotten Garden LP, ...

Also, if anyone cares, here's a small recap of my own releases during this year.

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