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Forward To Eden - War Still Rages... (A Retrospective in four Parts)

 BBMA142 - the first of four interrelated EPs by the prolific, militant vegan straight edge metalcore project Forward To Eden was released on November 3rd. On this record the solo project by Tim Rule (Castigator, The Rule, etc.) delivers their very own, unique version of the xvx classic "Still Believe in What Has Fallen Apart" by scene legends xMAROONx on one side and a new, exclusive track
in the renowned FTE Style, which is 90's Metalcore in the vein of bands like Caliban, Morning Again
or Poison The Well, on the other side.
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You know how in every black metal artists life, there comes the point where they have to release an acoustic/neo-folk album? Not gonna happen with FTE, haha - I did record this one single though. 

I always loved recording cover songs, but there is always the danger of it getting boring if it's too close
to the original or just "worse"... so I decided to record some cover songs with "a twist". For this first one, it is in fact an acoustic/neo-folk version of a well known classic. I recorded more music, had more cover ideas and so this project soon became bigger. I also had some original tunes waiting to be born, so I came up with the concept of 4 interrelated EPs. Each with a cover (or two) on one side and a new, original song (or two) on the other side. Each with a new, fitting artwork as well and lots of background info - and to make it even more weird, released on custom 8" vinyl.

Still Believe in What Has Fallen Apart

Originally written by xMAROONx and released in 2002 on their legendary debut album Antagonist
(on Catalyst Records). Recorded completely DIY by Tim Rule during the first half of 2023.
Mixed and mastered at Slaughter Industries by Bernardo Rebelo.

As a vital part of the 2nd wave of metalcore in the late 90s/early 00s and on the forefront of vegan edge metal, Maroon started in '98/'99. Touring europe with merely a demo and an ep, they opened the stage for bands like Earth Crisis and Morning Again. After the release of a split EP with Absidia and a split Album with Self Conquest, they went to record said debut full-length, which is still an all-time classic. Unfortunately their sound gradually changed after this release and they began to sound a lot more modern... after a label-change - first to Alveran Records, then Century Media - and 4 more LPs,
they split up in 2011 (with a final goodbye tour in 2014).

The idea to make my own version of this song, but in a singer/songwriter acoustic campfire singalong style, was born in the spirit of trying to record a true vegan straight edge hymn - something xMAROONx have accomplished more than once. So i revisited records of my youth. Records that shaped and influenced me and therefore stand for what forward to eden has become. As a full acoustic track without any drums this may not be exemplarily for what FTE sounds like, but the lyrics are definitely on point! ...also i could never have done it any better than the original, so giving it a very special makeover was basically the only option here, haha


War Still Rages...
Written and recorded completely DIY by Tim Rule during the first half of 2023.
Mixed and Mastered at Slaughter Industries by Bernardo Rebelo.

This revolution is to be founded upon the principles of maintaining and fighting for the equality of all innocent life along with it’s unhindered and autonomous continuation. This Movement is built upon the Unity of individuals from all walks of life who share a similar Ethic. While we have undoubtedly seen the fruits of our labor within our life, the end goal of this revolution lies down a road long and treacherous; one that has been treaded by many a sojourner before us and will be progressed by many after we have left. Our final victory may come too late for us to fully see and appreciate. As well, it may not help all who suffer today, in the present. Accordingly, though we should be prepared and continue to lay the foundation for a society based upon acceptance of the Divine rule of the natural Order. To make way for this, we must ourselves be free before we can bring true and lasting freedom to others. Maintaining the level of purity necessary to feel a true sense of self-liberation. Our primary goals should lie in educating potential allies, honing our bodies, minds and spirits to a razor’s edge - preparing for the battle that this modern Babylonian state has brought to the Earth and her inhabitants - thus producing a climate where true and lasting victory can be achieved and maintained. We will never have the numbers or resources to face the New World Order head on, so the time is now that we must disappear from their sight, ceasing to offer any outward alliances, to all but those who have proven their unwaivering Faith and devotion to what is right. We are invisible and omnipresent; existing out of the context of time, unhindered by the constraints of life, death, undeterred by oppressive political regimes and the like. While we introduce new and devout adherents to the new ethic, we simultaneously will raise our children in the ways of righteousness. Self-preservation and empowerment need not merely be our strivings. For we exist in the spirit of Truth, our ideological beliefs stem forth directly from the primordial law; the natural order. The Force with which we expel those who pillage and exploit all that is pure - for the sake of their imagined personal gain - is the same which emanates forth from us all. For this battle rages on until every last captive is freed, every soul liberated and every profiteer of suffering brought to justice. While preparing ourselves for the Inevitable and ongoing battle against the forces which have conspired to subjugate the Earth and its inhabitants to their exploitative will, we must ensure that we face these emissaries of suffering as prepared as conceivably possible. The WAY cannot change, yet, It is influx. It is eternal, timeless, yet only observable within the constraints of time. It has no name, yet every word, sound and potential reflects a glimpse of It. It is within all things however limited and segmented, yet at the same time It can never be fully realized within or by anything that limits It. For similarly, even though our Movement hold no singular name, and the banners beneath which our predecessors marched are no longer waved, our mission has not failed and our way, the WAY, has not changed. The Truth rarely lies alone in the letter of the law, rather Its essence is held in the Spirit of the same. The Truth is not contained simply in our outward message, rather it is held within the spirit of Truth that we carry on. With great certainty it can be said that in these latter days we will face many hardships and struggles. Thus, now is the time to purify ourselves and strengthen our bonds to one another. That in so doing we will emerge from the flames of chaos and rise from the ashes of this falling "civilization" like a renewed Pheonix.


BBMA143 - the second of four interrelated EPs by the prolific, militant vegan straight edge metalcore project Forward To Eden was released on January 5th. This time multi-instrumentalist Tim Rule (Castigator, The Rule, etc.) takes us back down memory lane to his own beginnings with re-imagined versions of songs from his previous projects. "Will I Ever Understand" was originally written by Approaching Rage in 2006/07 and "Almost Hollow" was originally written by blueskiesburning (project name) in 2015. For further info check this recent in-depth interview with Tim:
"Pilgrimage of the Soul", while being a new FTE original, was also already written in early 2021
for another project, which though never came to life.

Will I Ever Understand

Originally written by Approaching Rage in 2006/07.
Recorded completely DIY by Tim Rule during the first half of 2023.
Mixed and Mastered at Slaughter Industries by Bernardo Rebelo.

Approaching Rage was my first real band from 2006 - 2010/11. Just some friends playing Metalcore.
We recorded some live demos and played a handfull shows, but that's it. Most of it has long since fallen into oblivion. I always regrettet not having recorded at least an actual EP. Our guitarist and mastermind behind the band, Andy, was really a virtuoso despite his young age. The last thing I remember about him is that he travelled to spain to learn actual fucking flamenco guitar from some grand master! Unfortunately I'm barely in touch with the others either, but I certainly haven't learned any instrument professionally, nor did I take a single singing lesson since! So, yeah, me doing this solo might not be the best idea, but here you go - I tried to do it as original to the source as possible... except for the lyrics. I HAD to change at least some of them. 14 year old me was TERRIBLE at writing english lyrics, haha The lyrics are to be seen from the eyes of a cattle. Originally they were personal (14 yo me just had a first heartache and was listening too much The Used, From First To Last and Silverstein), I didn't touch the refrain though. Just altered the verses a bit to make it fit. You might actually be able to find a live version from back then on youtube...


Almost Hollow
Originally written by blueskiesburning (project name) in 2015
Recorded completely DIY by Tim Rule during the first half of 2023.
Mixed and Mastered at Slaughter Industries by Bernardo Rebelo.

blueskiesburning (project name) was another short-lived project of mine. Lots of things we were at odds with, not just the band name. I wanted to play Poison the Well, the Drummer boysetsfire and the Guitarist Architects. eventually I moved to Hamburg in 2016 and left the band completely.
We never did any actual recordings besides some rehersal room demos and also never played outside of said room... However, I also tried to re-record this as original to the source as possible (including the vocal style) and I really would like to see where this project would've went. Lyrics are quite personal. I started this project right after a break-up, which left me in a bad place emotionally for a while. You might still be able to find the bsb version (with a cheesy anime video) on youtube...


Pilgrimage of the Soul
Originally written and recorded in early 2021 for an unnamed project, which never came to life.
Re-recorded and slightly altered completely DIY by Tim Rule during the first half of 2023.
Mixed and Mastered at Slaughter Industries by Bernardo Rebelo.

The War outside manifests from the War within. The Eternal Jihad. The struggle for a return to a more harmonious state of existence is the most daunting and difficult battle ever waged by human beings,
for it is waged across numerous planes of existence - psychological, physical and spiritual. As the mental facilities justify an essentially warped spiritual perspective, the physical element manifests and maintains the material consequences that result. To truly overcome this system of inequality, violence and exploitation, all elements of life must coalesce in revolt, spiritual equality manifesting in physical reality. In these latter days we stand before the gates of the so-called "New Paradigm" - the Superior Eden - of the very Era of the Final Truth. Those who seek to directly actuate the coming of this final Era must thus transcend the limitations of the paths that have refined the human acknowledgement of the Divine Truth, and yet completely include all of them.


(continuation of the Manifest)
This global empire has waged war upon those who serve the higher power through ideology and action and now is the time for us to declare Jihad against that same system of Dajjal. This is not Jihad in the sense of random and indiscriminant acts of violence against the innocent, that Babylon would have you see it as. Rather it is waging the Greatest Jihad of Truth, Justice, Wisdom and Faith, against the lies perpetuated by the minions of the Adversary, the Imposter who keep our Brothers and Sisters shackled within the chains of ignorance. In this battle there can be no compromise with the Anti-Christ system which we fight; the prostitute of the world, MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT.
Those who stand to profit from the continuation of the status quo will not relent, nor will they forfeit their power and control. As the very foundation of that deviant culture is unstable, token change cannot repair our alienation or stave off damages that have been and will continue to be wrought against this once pristine Eden. We must rise above our fears and build anew. This is the goal of this Movement, of those who follow the Straight Path. To re-establish our connection with the Divine and awaken mankind from the illusory dream of "self," of "me" and "you;" in order to foster liberation for all that have been shackled, exploited and destroyed by the modern way of life. Our goal is peaceful co-existence with that which sustains us, harmoniously living with, rather than against, the Primordial Law. An end to the violent oppression of others for human benefit. To re-establish a way of life, THE Way of Life; stressing harmony, love, respect and community to the fullest, most dynamic extent.


BBMA144 - "III/IV" will be released in March. This post will then be continued. Stay tuned.

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