Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012

Sad Origin

Tuff-Guy DMD-Hardcore (near the H8000 region)!
Their first EP is fucking awesome - pretty much Metalcore with NYHC influence
and realy the best stuff of them if you ask me,
but unfortunately I dont have the Demo, which came out two years ago (in 1996). 
So, if you have these recordings, don't wait to give em to me!
The LP is not that spectacular - not bad, but nothing special... 
And the singer somehow sounds very strange sometimes...
The Split, on the other hand, is great! 
Its kinda different - more New School Hardcore,
and the Bass Player does some vocals, too, but I realy like it ;-)

After the Band broke up, the Members formed Die... My Demon.

And again, if you have their Demo (or know someone who could have it), 
please give it to me! Am looking for this for long time!

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  1. hey dude! :D please re-upload Sad Origin - A Double Edged Sword In A Triangle Of Emotions (1999, zippyshare link has expired! :)