Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

Birthrite (/ Sarin)

Another band I dont know much about,
but the info given in their records.

Birthrite (not to be confused with Birthright), were a short-lived vegan straight edge band 
from Ithaca NY (USA), that played metallic 90's hardcore stuff, 
mixed with NYHC newschool elements... or something like that :P

However, James Suh of the Zero Hour fanzine was in this band,
who also played in Sarin, as far as I know...
Maybe Birthrite became Sarin?
I guess they had the same vocalist and drummer as well, 
even though that they sounded much more melodic and emotional...
I'll add their S/T 7" (what I think also is everything they did), in the hope that I'm right ;-) 
If you have any (possibly other) Information, dont wait to contact me!

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