Sonntag, 23. Juni 2013


Vegan Straight Edge Emocore from the 90's.
Their split with Figurehead and their first 7" sound much like 
melodic (emotional) 90's (newschool) metalcore 
- really cool, with an individual touch...
somehow reminds me of bands like Drown In Frustration and (early) Pole*
which you perhaps dont know as well - but can also found on my blogspot,
if youre interested ;-)
But they can also be compared to some more known once I guess,
like Split Lip and Falling Forward.

Their LP sounds way more melodic and emotional...
Still a really good record, but I prefer the 7"es ;-)

They've also released a Song on the Cardbord Salvation Compilation 
by Shandle Records in 1997, which I dont have, yet...
If you have this record, please contact me!
I'll add it as soon as I got it.

After Chalkline, some of the Members went on to form a short-lived Project called Solo Flyer,
they only recorded one EP (New Years Night) I guess, which I but dont have, unfortunately...
So, if someone could help me out with that, too - would be awesome!
Otherwise, I'll add it when I found it!

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