Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013


I'm really born to late... there were so many good metalcore bands in the
late 90's / early 00's around in germany...
This one's just from a nearby city and the label on which their MCD 
(I unfortunately guess that this was the only medium) came out 
(Unsubmissive Records - later Incendiary records, even were from my hometown...

However, really underrated and unknown as fuck metalcore band 
with some death metal and H8000-Style influence.
Can be compared to early Caliban and other bands from that region and time, 
like Jane., Nyari, April, Mar (not really the region, but also comes to my mind), ...
I'm not sure if they had a demo - at least I couldn't find any information.
If you know anything more about them, feel free to share it with me!

They also had a song on the Emotional Outburst Assisted By Technical Supply Compilation,
but nothing exclusive -  it had been taken from their former release.

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