Dienstag, 14. März 2017

BBMA Band Of The Week #11: Castigator

Oldschool Death/Thrash Metal from Hamburg, Germany.
Originally formed in '08 with one Demo out in '11 and then virtually went on hiatus.
Now back (with some line-up changes) and a new EP out on BBMA Records.
FFO: Death, Slayer, Exodus, The Love of Metal & The Hate of Fascism, ...

Who are you, what are you doing in the band?

My name is Matze, and i am the drummer of Castigator.

How has the band evolved since the beginning? 

There have been a lot of line-up changes, which finally resulted in the actual,
ambitious and serious working band composition.

What have you accomplished so far and what are your goals for the future?
Any upcoming shows/releases/anything else you wanna tell us about?

We've just released our EP "The Recommencement",
and are now working on new songs, and trying to get gigs.
[If you read this and you think you can put up a show in your hometown,
feel free to drop us a message - we're keen to play wherever/whenever!]

How do you feel about bbma as a label?

The work you have put in it since your young age is very impressive.

In what do we suck most/what could we do better in the future?

The boss obviously has a bad taste in music ;-)

Ps: For this Week, all products Castigator related are on Sale from the BBMA Webstore.
13/Mar/2017 http://bbmarecords.com/shop/ 19/Mar/2017

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