Samstag, 14. September 2013

As Friends Rust

Not really the kind of stuff I'd normally post...
Also not really the genre I'd normally listen to, but this band is an awesome exception!
I probably "started to like them", cause of Damien Moyal (Vocals)
and because it started as some kind of side-project of Culture, who I already loved! ;-)
And, yeah... for a long time I only liked the Demo...
But then, when I gave the later stuff, which certainly sounds a lot different 
- whole new line-up except of Damien - 
a third (or something like that) try, I began to like it (in another way) as well!

While the Demo (The Fists Of Time) sounded very scremo, 90's emo-hc like, 
the later releases have gone more and more in the direction of melodic trendy (pop) punk.
Still 90's emo - but more that kind of stuff that you could also hear on the radio! ;-)

In 2002, after their last Release, Damien (the only constant member) left the band
and so the remaining members "morphed" As Friends Rust into Salem...
Who sounded way more like emo influenced indie-rock.

Members (there were a lot over the years) were also active in Bands like:
Culture, Bird Of Ill Omen, Morning Again, Shai Hulud, Poison The Well, Bridgeburn R, Insist, Red Letter Day, Roosevelt, Dead Man's Theory, Argentina, ...

Members (I'll tell which in brackets), went on to bands like:
Damien Done, On Bodies (Damien Moyal), Crucible (Chris Beckham, Thomas Rankine), Army Of Ponch, Bullets To Broadway, Rehasher, Savage Brewtality (Gui Amador), The Rocking Horse Winner (Henry Olmino, Jeronimo Gomez, Matt Crum), Grey Goose, The Sheryl Cro(w) Mags (Kaleb Stewart), Moments In Grace (Tim Kirkpatrick), Carlisle, How Dare You (Zach Swain), ...

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  1. This list is missing the s/t aka 'God Hour' 2x7"/CD here !

  2. No.

    It contains the same tracks as the S/T 8" (up to the cover song), which I uploaded here (even with the cover song) - So, I just used this Cover Artwork as I like it more... feel free to replace it with the one from the 2x7" after you've downloaded it ;-)