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Militant Vegan Straight Edge Solo-Project from Patrick "Rat" Poole
And the face of the Hardline movement for a while...
at least the cover art from the Prepare For Battle 7"

And thats also where I'd like to begin - although that there were the "early" Statement as well,
the first Demo recordings are from '85, but these have nothing to do
with the Statement that I'm featuring here...
Until Prepare For Battle it was pure Anarcho-Punk.
Already Militant Vegan Straight Edge with cool lyrics and stuff, 
but musically not really my cup of tea!
However, if youre interested in that stuff, look somewhere else, or write me! ;-)
(Demo '85, Muted Existence Split, Demo '86, Fairies Can't Fly, Not For Punks, 
The Apostles Split LP, The Apostles Split EP)

So, in '90, when Muttaqi and Vegan Reich put Hardline on the map,
Rat decided to go more in the Thrash Metal, Crossover direction and they released
the legendary Prepare For Battle 7" on Hardline Records.
Two years later, he recorded the Vegan Inquisition EP, which should also
be released on Hardline, but never was... Muttaqi went to Jamaica
and Rat turned his back on Hardline.
(What most people don't know, he never "really" was a hardliner...
militant Vegan Straight Edge - yes, but religious and homophobic - no.)
Anyway, with this record he went more and more into the direction
of Slayer influenced Thrash metal.
After that, two years later the Split 7" with Dim-Mak was released,
also a good record, but I, personally, dont like the way how he tries to sing
on that one - fortunately he realized it as well
and so the next release, Genocidal Justice, sounded way better, again!
This time its pure Slayer Thrash Metal - probably comparable to the later Unborn stuff!

There is also some "newer" material, like the song from the Tears Of Gaia & Extinguish Split
and Visions Of No More...
if you have it, or know a way to download it (Tales Of Mysanthropy for example) 
from myspace, please let me know! I'll add it, as soon as I got it!

Rat was involved in bands like:
The Apostles, Cracked Cop Skulls, Muted Existence, Riot/Clone, 
Arrogance, Anorexia, Unborn, Talisman, ...

Found some more Statement Songs that were hiding on unknown Compilations
(dont worry, I'm doing a Compilations You Should Know About post soon!)

One of the previously unreleased tracks from the Dim-Mak Split Recording Session.
The other one from these Recordings is on the ToG/Extinguish Split.

Kinda different Song... with Tom O'Brien (Unborn, Eakra, etc.) on bass!

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