Sonntag, 15. Dezember 2013

Withdrawn / Evanesce

Awesome Vegan Straight Edge 90's (Black)Metal Band you've probably heard of
They've changed a lot during the time - sound (with each recording) and members (through the years)
In the beginning (Figures - 1996) it was Martin VonBargen aka Onion (Solstice) on Guitar, 
David Fergusson aka Mortiis on Drums and two "random" guys on Vocals and Bass
aka Schoky & Martin Wainwright (concerning Tom)!
(The Band was formed in 1993, so there might have been some recordings
before this Demo as well, if you know something more - please tell me!)
However, these tracks sounded much more like Metal with Hardcore influence, compared to...

...A Certain Innate Suffering (1997), which sounded like fucking true British Black Metal!
Chris Meadows (Slavearc, Koreisch) did the Vocals on that one 
and Foster (Slavearc, Koreisch) the Bass - so you can easily imagine where the lyrics went as well.

In 1999 their first full length followed - Seeds of Inhumanity.
This was when they caught my attention, musically - much more 90's Metalcore!
Members changed as well - The Vocals are now contributed by Ian Leck (Vorhees)!
I read somewhere "like Integrity meets Iron Maiden" what matches very good.

This was when they changed their line-up again and became Evanesce (in 2000)!
Jason hearne replaced Ian on Vocals and Colin Robertson replaced Phil Smith on the Bass
Anyway, even if I wont make friends with this, to me this is musically their best recording 
really good Black/Death Metal influenced 90's Metalcore!

A Split LP with Conquest Of Steel followed in 2002
It has been labeld as Melodic Death metal on some pages ..and I'm fine with that!
(although that I somehow tend to label everything I like with Metalcore)

In 2006 after they changed the line-up one last time,  the final Record Secure The Shadow 
got released. Grant Richardson (Slide) became their last Vocalist.
Martin/Onion and David/Mortiis remain as the only two constant members.

Members went on to bands like: 
Walk The Plank, SSS, Meatlocker, Sick Fuckin O, Thekevorkiansolution, ...

(I'll add better pic's and information if I got some - feel free to contribute!)

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  1. Evanesce - Sower Of Sedition link fixed!

  2. on the figures demo schoky did vocals and Martin wainwright played bass.


  3. I'll add that - you got any more information about who they are? Is Martin Wainwright related to Roy Wainwright of Discharge? :P

  4. Tim, Chris Meadows wasn't in koreisch!

  5. I played guitar on all of these tracks and had to come here to get a download link for some studio work! Currently re-writing one or two tracks to go for the sound I have in my head right now.