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BBMA Band Of The Week #7: Vatican

90's Style Metalcore/Crymosh Band from Savannah (GA).
(Ex-)Members of Coastlines playing music in the vein of Bands like:
Poison The Well, Zao, Prayer For Cleansing, ...
I had the honour of releaisng their debut EP "Drowning The Apathy Inside" as BBMA15.

Who are you, what are you doing in the band? 

I’m Jonathan Whittle and I sing for Vatican. 

How has the band evolved since the beginning?
What have you accomplished so far and what are your goals for the future?

Since January 2015, we started off as a 4-piece, all from Savannah, Georgia.
We’ve written an EP called “Drowning The Apathy Inside” which was released on April 20th.
Around the time of summer was our first tour with a band called Without, also from Savannah,
and we headed out to Texas and back. We also picked up a new bassist, Jonathan Mackey,
which at the time was newly living in central Florida, originally from Long Island.
December 2015, we went on our second tour with Bind from Florida, and headed
up the east coast. January 2016, our close friend from Atlanta, Tom Lovejoy joined the band,
then went on various short runs with bands like Sanction, Jukai, Detriment, and Heavens Die.
In March, we went on a tour to California and back with Down In It (NC).
Future wise, we’d like to eventually do another US run and hopefully hit Europe and/or Japan. 

Any upcoming shows/releases/anything else you wanna tell us about? 

We’ll be doing another east coast tour from February 22nd to March 6th with Heavens Die. 
As a full 5-piece, we’ve finished writing a full length, which will temporarily be titled 
“Ache of Eternity”. We recently just put out a 4-way split with our friends in Sanction (LIHC), Funerals (Portland), and Iron Curtain (Inland Empire, CA) thanks to Bitter Melody Records. 
The split is now streaming on our bandcamp, and a preorder link is currently up on the page, 
for those wanting a physical 12”. []

How do you feel about bbma as a label?
In what do we suck most/what could we do better in the future?

I’ve always thought BBMA was a very pro, great label.
There’s not much I can pick on, with a label that’s always supported us beyond what we hoped.
Just keep being consistent and pushing hard ass bands. Thanks a lot! 

Shoutout to BBMA! And also Bitter Melody and Blasphemour Records. 
Everyone should check out: Heavens Die, Vein, Separated, Sanction, Jukai, Bind,
Vamachara, Yashira, Tourniquet, Iron Curtain, Funerals, Cast In Blood, King of Summer, 
Queensway, Hangman, Detriment, Laid 2 Rest, Year Of The Knife, Invoke,
Of Feather And Bone, Dwell, Riot Stares, A Life of Torment, Invoke, Presagers, Shame,
Hands Of God, Frameworks, Basaran, and Mothmother.

Ps: For this Week, all products Vatican related are on Sale from the BBMA Webstore.
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